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Art Original

Fine Art - Caribbean "Veronica"
Fine Art - Caribbean "Veronica"
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Original Paintings by Jade Pasteur

Oil on Canvas

Title: Veronica

Size: Canvas "30 X 40"

 Signed by Jade Pasteur

Acclaimed American Painter in the French Impressionist Style (1914 -2002)

She always began painting the eyes because she believed that is where you find their character. "Everything has feeling, has heart. Too much logic destroys Art" She greeted each day as a fresh canvas, anxious to leave her mark in a flash of color.

Artist, Jade Pasteur, saw beauty in every facet of her life. Proficient in painting, sculpture acting, and dance, over the years Pasteur honed her gifts and passion for French Impressionism into a collection of uniquely American fine art, portraits, and murals.

During her career she was commissioned by leading families (such as the Vanderbelts) as well as for larger scale community projects such as murals in community centers, hospitals and restaurants (predominantly on the East Coast).


During the late 40s and throughout the 50s Jade's Paintings sold from $400 to $500. Currently the Jade Pasteur Collection of paintings are priced from $800 to $2800 (depending upon size and subject) with sales in U.S. and Internationally.  

Her work can be found in private collections around the world and has been exhibited in fine museums and galleries including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Argent Gallery, and the National Academy of Design.

Copyright sold separately.

Local pick-up: please inquire on Southern CA pick-up location.

Shipping fees: Please submit zip code for estimate.

CONTACT: Call or Text Marianne Edwards Cell Phone: 818-415-6261


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