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William Verdult world of light
William Verdult world of light
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One of the very few American Master artists alive today. Diverse style, in classical, portraits, contemporary, abstract, landscape, nature, still life, Treasures of King Tut series, Kings and Queens of Europe series consist of diamonds, gold, and other precious stones. After nearly 20 years of work he completed his rendition of King Tut Treasures including in his paintings, gold, diamonds, and precious stones. Headliner exhibits and showings of the Tut Collection and other works can be found at the Sahara, Sands, Sundance and Marina hotels in Las Vegas, as well as five star establishments in San Francisco, Corona Del Mar, and Beverly Hills Hollywood California, Atlanta, Hawaii, Florida and Texas. Today seven pieces of the Tut 53 piece jeweled collection is on display at the Tanglewood Resort in Texas. His art followers and personal friends include a list of who's who in Hollywood highlighted by his close friendship with Telly Savalas. Frank Sinatra Paul Newman Jack Lord Farrah Fawcett Zsa Zsa Gabor Lee Majors Tom Jones Kim Novak Dana Mark Connie Francis 'Police Academy' Red Skeleton John Wayne Clint Eastwood Alfred Hitchcock Robert Redford Elvis Presley Telly Savalas Documented receipts and records of sales of his art displays, show his art appraising and selling for several hundred thousand dollars. Verdult artwork sells and trades for thousands of dollars. His original works appraised value average around $35,000.00 to $95,000. His limited edition lithographs appraise value range from $1,200 to $2,000 and up. He has even rare jewel and gold encrusted original pieces and their values are several hundred thousand dollars each. A true philanthropist, he has donated money and many of his works to charity, state governments, educational centers and foundations. His work entitled "Into The Battle Front" hangs on Top of the Mountain Building in Stone Mountain Park, Georgia. The Make a Wish Foundation, the Governors of Georgia and Hawaii and numerous universities have thanked him for his generous donations to their causes and institutions.
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